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Film Review of Paddington by Maëllys 0

Film Review of Paddington by Maëllys

I think this film is cute, amusing, amazing. This film is too nice. In the film there is fear,  joy and embarrasment. Paddington is from Peru but he lives in London now. When Paddington is...

Cooking an American Breakfast 0

Cooking an American Breakfast

This term Mrs Johnson’s students in year 4 worked on British and American Breakfasts including some recipes.  For our final task we cooked 2 different recipes in the student kitchen : American Pancakes with...


E.T by Clément M.

E.T was directed by Spielberg and produced by Kathleen Kennedy.  The actors and actresses are Dee Wallace, Peter Coyote and Henry Thomas. The story is amusing, hilarious and a little silly.  The sound design...