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Surf Safe (by Noémie and Elodie)

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My spooky story… (by Alexandre Lamarche 5ème3)

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Mar 29

A trip to Australia!

Visit Australia!

Join the Sunshine Surf Camp and enjoy all the activities described in this Tellagami:

Tellagami created by Emilie Labruyère (4eme2)

Mar 23


How do you define terrorism?

Terrorism is a series of violent attacks for religious or political reasons. So it is the use of force and violence against innocent people.

What are the reactions of people to terrorism ?

When there is a climate of terror, everyone is scared because they think that something like attack can happen anytime anywhere and people also think that their family will die because of terrorism but yet  people keep on living normaly.

source : https://www.nap.edu/read/10415/chapter/11#268

Why do some people kill other people for their religion or their ideas?

The answer is: manipulation.

The religion, in the context of killing, is used as a political tool of manipulation, just as “freedom, democracy” is a good enough justification of bombing a country and has no intention or means whatsoever to threaten the bombed country.


We can see on the graph that the religion is the main reason of terrorism.

This is a picture of a terrorist attack and the consequences :


Terrorist attack at Westminster, London, 22 march 2017.

How can we protect us ?

The citizens can protect themselves and report suspicious activities or behaviors. The most simple way to accomplish this is to:

  • Remain aware of your surroundings
  • Refrain from oversharing personal information

Source: https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/terrorism

How can we stop terrorism ?

Terrorism is like a virus. We must stop this virus. For this, it takes precautions like when somebody has a strange activity. We should call the police, or secret services. In fact, we can’t be sure but it should be better to call them.

Mar 23

A Journey around Journalism (Mathis Dubos, Mattéo Reyrolle, Corentin Klepper, Raphaël Chambon)

What is journalism and a journalist ?

A journalist is a person who collects, writes or distributes news. A reporter is a type of journalist who researches, writes and reports information and make reports. The journalist doesn’t do the same work because some journalists work in office while other journalists work outdoor with photo journalist to have images for the TV for example.

But all journalists work in the same direction. Journalism is keeping people aware of news and reveals something that people don’t know or don’t understand.

Freedom of the press is the freedom to say what we think without fear of punishment. Censorship in all its forms is often unjustifiable. Censorship is everywhere in the media. Some of it you may not even notice, but it really does affect how a story can be told.


The satire and the danger of it

News satire inform people with a humorous aim but the information stay present. There are many different sorts of satire like political satire and the satire of the religion, this sort of satire is very dangerous, for example:

In 2006, the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, republished caricatures of the prophet Mohammed that were published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. This publication has created many violent reactions in Muslim countries.

In 2011, because of these caricatures, the Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters were hit by a criminal attack.

On January 7th 2015, 2 terrorists of ISIS, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi have entered into the office. They killed 12 people including Charb, a cartoonist and the editor-in-chief, Cabu, Tignous and Wolinsky, some of the most famous cartoonists of the newspapers.



What is a war reporter ?

War reporters inform people about the war problems on Earth. It’s very dangerous because those journalists are on an enemy ground and at any time they can be killed to inform people in the world.

It’s similar to other newspapers or TV news : New York Times, CNN.

But it’s very dangerous and the information they broadcast are relayed in the newspapers and on TV news, usually in the form of reports or documentaries sometimes in a humorous form…

Before sending reporters in a war zone, they are trained to operate on dangerous grounds. They are protected by a bulletproof jacket where it is written : “PRESS”.

Our thoughts go to the authors of Charlie Hebdo, to the journalists who are held hostage around the world and to all of the writers and the journalists who were killed doing their job.


The Fake news

A new scandal has emerged on Twitter and on other social networks. The charges of Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) against some American news (CNN, ABC news…). But we can read that Trump’s company, Foxnews, isn’t targeted by the charges. He accused the targeted news to disseminate fake news concerning himself and his extremist opinions.

After this case, we can ask a new question: “What information do the private media tell us ?”

All the private media have a political opinion; in the USA, most are Republicans or Democrats. In France, we have the same, some newspapers have a right wing opinion, some have a left wing opinion, some have a centrist opinion or some don’t have an opinion.

Video created, filmed and recorded by Reyrolle Mattéo, Dubos Mathis, Champion Raphaël, Klepper Corentin):

We can think that some information are hidden by the oriented media, like a victory of a political opponent. They can also highlight the candidate that the media supports



Crédits Photos: Google.com> Images

Mar 23

Do American and European dreams have frontiers ?

The wife of Donald Trump is a foreigner. She is Slovienian. So isn’t there a contradiction between his private life and his foreign policy ?


Definition or racism according to https://www.adl.org :
Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics.

Racial separatism is the belief, most of the time based on racism, that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another.

The election of Donald Trump influences the opinion of the French people , and in France Marine Le Pen can become president of the republic but may be this is a bad thing because she is racist and she may introduce new laws that are against people of color and outside of France.

Examples :

  • Stop legal or illegal immigration
  • Close the French borders
  • Strengthen border control in the Schengen area
  • Restore national borders




In an executive order (later blocked by the court of justice), Trump restricted Syrian refugees and travel by immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

President Trump wanted to stop all these refugees from entering the United States.

Seven Muslim-majority countries were concerned because they were considered as incomplently drafted, chaotically executed, driven by hate and fear, an offense to American values, a blow to American efforts to fight terrorism and convince young people. But it was also something else : just the beginning.

The US president wants to strengthen the border between the US state and the Mexican state in order to stop Mexican immigration.



Article by Valade Pauline, Bouillaguet Clara, Lagarde Camille and Favard Julia

Mar 23

For you a word… for her an ordeal !



Social networks are a problem because they are not safe. Every information published are opened to everyone. They are recorded by the server of the social network. Some people who see publications and information can change them. All false information about the person can create a reputation leading to moral harassment.

The Blue Whale Challenge is a challenge on the social networks. The principle is to find a tutor who will make you realize 50 challenges (one per day) and who will make you sink into depression . The challenges are increasingly difficult and dangerous because the 50th challenge leads to suicide in order to win the game. Many adolescents are dead because of this game. It started in Russia.

Harassment is a compilation of hostile actions to psychologically weaken the person who is the victim. This type of behavior may be habitual and involve social and physical status.

We are talking about cyber and moral harassment.

Mobile harassment refers to the sending of any type of text message, photo message, video message or voicemail from a mobile phone that threatens, torments, or humiliates someone. It is a form of cyber bullying.

Harassment imposes consequences :

  • physical consequence
  • psychic troubles
  • health problems

First, we are talking about physical consequences. The fact of not talking about it can bring us to destroy ourselves which can lead to death.

Next, there are different psychic troubles like :

  • Anxious troubles
  • Depressive troubles
  • Bipolar troubles
  • Schizophrenia
  • Addictive troubles
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal risks

Each of these symptoms destroy the people concerned little by little. Then moral harassment is a threat for health because it creates eating disorders.

In case a child dies, the family that seeks revenge can’t do anything to avenge their child.

Legal penalties for child are :

  • A fine of up to 7500 €
  • a warning
  • Prohibition of attending certain persons
  • Prohibition of going to certain places
  • Placement in a closed educational center
  • a prison sentence


De Oliveira Morgane Cremoux Alice Leblond Clara

Mar 23


Donald Trump was born on June 14 1946 in
New York City.

He is American, he is seventy
years old.

He has five children :

Donald Trump Jr was born on 31 December 1977 (38 years old),

Ivanka was born on 30 October 1981 (35 years

Eric was born on 6 January 1984 (32
years old),

Tiffany was born on October 1993 (23 years

Barron was born on 20 mars 2006 (10 years old).

On November 8th 2016, he won the American presidential election and became the 45th president of the United States.

When President Barack Obama attacked Republican Donald Trump in his speech at the Democratic National Convention, he declared that Trump could become not a president, but a dictator.

Donald Trump obtained more than the necessary 270 votes in the Electoral College and became the 45th President.

Trump received 306 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton 232.

Source: www.ndl.fr


This audio document is a conversation between Donald Trump and a journalist:


Article written and recorded by Lisa Vergne, Manon Cruz, Manon Lamothe and Emma Bordas


Mar 23

We give an undrinkable world to our children !

This article is about environmental problems related to water. It deals with our consumption of water and aims at showing how we can reduce it to create a better world for the next generations:



How would you stop water pollution ?

Toilet waters are responsible for organic pollution.

There are two types of domestic wastewater:

  • washing or domestic water, which comes from bathrooms and kitchens, is generally polluted with grease, organic debris, detergents, solvents;
  • the sewage, which comes from the toilets, is polluted with various organic nitrogenous substances and fecal germs.

Jeans cost twenty-five litters of oil, one litter of pesticide, from eight thousand to twenty-five thousand of water (one hundred days of water consomation per human). But it isn’t the only problem : groundwaters and rivers are being polluted and CO2 is emitted during the transport of raw materials…

To solve this problem, we could :

  • Use or recycle old clothes
  • Stop buying washed-out jeans
  • Sell old clothes or give themback to shops

Taking a shower, using the toilets or the bathtub consume a lot of water. Every second, in our toilets, it’s 3171 litters of water used ; an overconsumption of 100 million cubic meters of drinking water in the toilets due to too greedy equipments or obsolete equipments.

  • We could :
    Prefer taking showers instead of taking baths
  • Use the toilets less
  • Reduce shower time

The daily pollution produced by a person is evaluated at:

  • 70 to 90 g of suspended solids
  • 60 to 70 g of organic matter
  • 12 to 15 g of nitrogenous matter
  • 3 to 4 grams of phosphorus



This audio document is a conversation about water pollution:

Article  written by Tanguy Palinhos, Mehdi Abid,Théo Vacher and Louis Guillaume

Mar 23

Preserve our planet : FLOWER POWER

Pollution in the air


Why is our air polluted ? And what does it cause ?

The cars and the factories produce a lot of CO2, which pollutes because it goes up and stays in the air.

The pesticides used by the farmers pollute because there are a lot of chemical products.
When we burn our waste, the smoke is very dirty with a lot of particles and it pollutes the air.
And then, when we breathe, the particles go inside our lungs and we can get sick. Next, it causes different serious diseases like cancer.

The consequences for the future :

If we don’t do anything, the risk of having diseases will grow and there will be more deaths. And there may be new diseases.
In many years from now, we will not be able to live on Earth because it will be too polluted and the air won’t be breathable.

How can we change it ?

At school :

We can reduce pollution in the air. Schools can create projects with their students. Middle school can do a rehabilitation of a playground with flowers which filter the air or make vegetal walls. We can cover a concrete wall with vegetation or flowers. The students can plant flowers, fruits. We can produce manure not to burn waste. Teachers can sensitize children with educational issues or speech too. The school can use more natural products to decrease the pollution in the classrooms. In our school, there is a weather probe which shows the percentage of CO2 in the air.

At home :

We can select our waste, recycle them and install compost because the destruction of those waste produces a lot of pollution. We have to change our habits and transmit them to other people to save the planet and to pass it to the next generations. We can promote the public transport and cycle more. For example, the bus, can take a lot of people to places so we produce less pollution.
If we favour our comfort, we won’t give any chance to the future generations. If we reduce our comfort, we will give them a better world.


This is a video of two reporters in the future who are in New York and in the Maldives


(Video created by Lily Dousseau and Lilou Savignac)


Article written by Emma Gauthier, Lilou Savignac, Camille Rabier and Lily Dousseau


Mar 23

What can we do to reduce the nuisances of the environment ?

Sam Mony,Gaël Parre,
Mathieu Pean,Enzo Pires



                                                  How did we get there ?
All men are responsible for the destruction of the environment and global warming. We don’t have enough use of public transportation, we don’t produce enough biological products etc… We are therefore not ecological enough. 97% of pollution is because of human beings.


                                      What can we do to reduce pollution ?
We can :

  • Turn off the lights when we leave a room, to save electricity
  • Sort and recycle objects to reduce waste
  • Small trips must be made by bicycle
  • Use electric cars to limit the CO2
  • Stop deforestation
  • Use wind turbines and solar panels instead of fossil fuels ( like coal, gas, oil )
  • Create more green spaces


                                     The consequences of global warming
If we make less CO2 :

  • it will be less hot
  • The ocean won’t go up because glaciers won’t melt
  • The corals will grow and the fish will be back
  • Polar Bears will survive because the floe won’t melt

So the future belongs to clean energy


Mar 22

Martin Luther King (Porte,Passion)

The biography of Martin Luther King:

It is a picture about Martin Luther King:

This si a mindmap about the life of Matin Luther King:

This audio document hard differents informations about the life of Martin Luther King:

Mar 22

Martin Luther King

Questions / Answers abour Martin Luther King



this is a picture of Martin Luther King

Mathieu Pean / Chanet Théo


Mar 22

Martin Luther King (Cremoux, Redinger)

It is a is a mindmap about the life of Martin Luther King :


It is a picture about Martin Luther King :

Is is an audio about the life of Martin Luther King :



Mar 21

Biography about Martin Luther King

This is a mind map about the life of Martin Luther King:

This is a pucture about Martin Luther King:


This audio document had differents informations about the life of  Martin Luther King:

Document by Vergne Lisa and Bordas Emma

Mar 21

Martin Luther King (Lacoste et Normand)

This article is a biographie of Martin Luther King.

Firstly, this is a mindmap about Martin Luther King :

Secondly, this is a photo of Martin Luther King :

This audio document is a interview to the life of Martin Luther King :

Tanguy Lacoste, Tom Normand

Mar 20

Biography of Martin Luther King (magne leduc)

This is a picture of Martin Luther King :

Some informations about Martin Luther King (mind map) :

An audio document of Martin Luther King recorded by Vincent magne and Tristan leduc:

Mar 20

Martin Luther King (Chambon,Reyrolle)

This article talks about Martin Luther King (his life, the causes he was defending and his death)


This mindmap is representing the importants informations on the life of Martin Luther King.


Picture of Martin Luther King: 

Source: www.gafollowers.com


This audio document is an interview about the life of Martin Luther King:

Article written by Raphaël Chambon and Mattéo Reyrolle

Mar 20

Biography of Martin Luther King (Favard and Lagarde)

On this article, you can see a photo of Martin Luther King, read a mind map and listen informations about him and his life.


Photo of Martin Luther King :



This is a mind map about Martin Luther King ‘s important informations.


This document is an interview about Martin Luther King, important dates, causes of his death…




Article written by Favard Julia and Lagarde Camille










Mar 20

Biography about Martin Luther King


This audio document is an interview about Martin Luther King

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