Juin 27

Cinérencontre/Arsonval/allemand/4eme/Tulsi ABDANK-KOSSOVSKY/ Caroline DROAL/ Leah FLAVIN / Emma SOMDECOSTE



Raphaël Padilla ist heute gestorben.  Er war mein bester Freund.

Das erste Mal, daß ich ihn gesehen habe, das war im Zirkus, als es spielte, die Kinder zu erschrecken. Er war groß, schlank und war muskulös: Für unser Schauspiel vollkommen ! Wir haben glückliche Jahre zusammen erlebt und ich bedauere nichts. Als er unser Duett verlassen hat, um Theater zu machen, bin ich traurig gewesen, aber ich habe immer an ihn geglaubt.

Ich liebte dich, aber heute sage ich dir auf Wiedersehen.

Adieu Raphaël.

Juin 27

cinérencontre/arsonval/allemand/4è/Pacôme Ergo/Benjamin Nsungani

Juin 25



C’est un film Français, qui est sortit le 18 Janvier 2017.

Avec Dorian le Clech ( Joseph), Emile Berling ( Raoul Mancelier), Batyste Fleurial ( Maurice), Patrick Bruel ( Roman)……..

Joseph et Maurice, sont 2 enfants qui vivent avec leurs parents. Mais la France est occupé par les allemands.Joseph et Maurice doivent cacher leur religion. Au cours de l’ histoire j’ai remarquer que les Allemands sont cruel….Se film est vraiment triste, j’en ai meme verser quelques larmes. Je ne regrette pas se film et je le recommande fortement.



Juin 23

BONNET Fanny/BERGEAL Melina/Anglais/Arsonval/4eme2

We like the movie because little by little Jonas grows apart from the community but,he still have a beautiful relationship with Asher and Fiona,his best friends. We liked the begin of a love story between Jonas and Fiona. The scene when Jonas get memories back is fantastic. Our favorite scene is when Jonas take Gabriel,the baby,from the center back. We like the movie and we advice  you the movie.

Juin 23

ARSONVAL/Anglais/The Giver/4°3/MOREAU-FOURNIAL Elisa

The Giver, an adaptation from Lois Lowry’s novel.

I really loved the beginning. We can see their way of life, their organisation, their community. I think It’s very interesting. Everything is planned, with a lot of rules. Nobody can lie, there is no pain, everybody seems happy. They controlled everything. But in reality, It’s not possible. There is no feelings, without love and friends, they ignore a lot of things. This is community without life.


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Juin 23

Arsonval/4eme2/Anglais/TheGiver/Rafael Lourenco/Lucas Dumortier

We liked the film because the colours appear little by little as Jonas feels things and the memories. We love the story of film , it’s amazing. We like a music , it’s beautiful. The Sci-Fi side is cool.The acting is pleasant. We want a sequel. The context is superb. In short The film wis amazing and beautiful ! Résultat de recherche d'images pour "the giver"

Juin 23

Arsonval/Anglais/The Giver/4’3/Victoria Fallais, Ouzma Saindou, Emma Somedecoste, Tulsi Abdank-Kossovsky et Justine Allert

My favourite moment  in The Giver  was when Jonas shows Fiona how to slide on the footbridge. It was amazing Fiona looked impressed and she shouted because she was enjoying herself. Jonas made her feel excitement and joy. They were both laughing. They looked happy.

Juin 23

Arsonval/ Anglais/ The Giver/ 4’3/ Thomas Gallic, Paul Lachaise, Benjamin Nsungani kinanga, Clara Porte, Julien Lajardie et Nicolas rivère.

Favourite moment in the Giver


I really loved when the policemen were chasing Jonas and Gabriel. This scene from the Giver was stressing , we were anxious for Jonas. There was a lot of action. The scene took place at night . When they jumped from the ciff they didn’t die. It was so dangerous and impressive.


Juin 23

Arsonval/ Anglais/ The Giver/ 4°3/ Arthur Jarrosson – Toscane Buge / Paul Deve

My favourite scene in The Giver is when Jonas kisses Fiona because it was rare love scene. It was so romantic! I also loved when the colours appear little by little as Jonas feels. Fiona doesn’t know what emotions feel like. Fiona was probably in love with Jonas even if she cannot feel much. It’s a light scene because the movie can be dark.

Juin 22

Français / Arsonval / Chocolat / Manon et Anais / 4°2

Manon et Anais : dessin contre le racisme

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